Realize the Result

Achieve mastery in your next talk with this results‑oriented communications workshop

What response are you getting when you deliver a presentation? Do you get a wow, the funds you want, the people in line behind your idea? Or, do you get polite applause yet no action?

This communication workshop is a mastery-level offering given by JD Schramm and Ken Daigle to help you deliver at your highest potential and get the true results you want from your next talk.

Come away with a well-developed presentation that you can deliver with confidence and get the results you’re looking for.

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For anyone who wants to deliver a presentation to achieve big results

  • Founders and entrepreneurs raising needed capital to launch a new business
  • Salespeople and business development professionals promoting a specific product or service
  • Executive Leaders seeking career advancement through the improved presence
  • Non-profit leaders raising funds, friends, or awareness to make an impact in their community
  • Authors and thought leaders starting a new conversation around an innovative idea

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A tailored workshop built on years of experience


JD brings over 20 years of experience teaching this content to MBAs and executives at Stanford, NYU, Columbia, and USC.


Ken draws on over 20 years’ experience as a Broadway performer and choreographer as well as a decade of leading churches in the Bay Area.

Spend the day working with JD and Ken together to expand your mastery in communication

This workshop is limited to 30 people. Participants will experience sessions in large and smaller groups, work in a trio of peers to develop a pitch or story, and receive direct coaching and feedback from JD and Ken. We’ve developed this curriculum over the past ten years working with YPO’s next generation of leaders. Clients have engaged us to bring this material to Asia, the Middle East, and throughout the US.


  • Introductions
  • Power of AIM strategy
  • Confidence Strategies
  • Voice & Movement
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Structure for Results
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Coaching in trios

Rave reviews

Douglas Levy
JD and Ken provide participants with a life-changing experience. They complement each other by providing public speaking tools and experiential learning in a safe setting. The program’s take-home value is the following: the ability to structure a speech, engage an audience with your stage presence, and the confidence to look forward to speaking opportunities.Douglas LevyYPO Champion for the YPO YNG Public Speaking event
Audrey Proulx
JD and Ken changed the way I approach public speaking and performing. Through tangible strategies for preparation, techniques to gain confidence, to best practices to connect and engage with your audience, they really provide a master class in strategic communication. JD’s business acumen from years teaching at Stanford and beyond and Ken’s stage presence from his time on Broadway and leading church services combine perfectly to cover all of the bases needed for teaching public speaking.Audrey ProulxPop singer/songwriter (Audriix), Stanford BS/MS/MBA
Bradley Nardick
Since working with JD and Ken, I’ve learned to prepare for every speaking opportunity the same way, using the techniques and strategies they taught me. In just a week of working with JD and Ken, my entire approach to speech-making was transformed. From delivery to storytelling structure to warming up to give a big presentation. The fundamentals of communicating have never been more important, and JD and Ken’s work gave me the structure and direction to do it well.Bradley NardickCEO @The Bazaar, Inc. & @Bargains In A Box
Jim Blake
To say Ken and JD are professional speakers would be an understatement. One has years of experience in inspirational speaking and leadership and the other teaching at the highest of academic levels and institutions. The result is a curriculum of extremely impactful, practical and most importantly-- relevant guidance and techniques for extraordinary public speaking and presentation. Each have helped me immensely in improving my preparation, presence, and delivery as an Executive professional.Jim BlakeCEO Unity World Headquarters and Author of The Zen Executive
Allison Kluger
I'd jump at the chance to work with either Ken or JD to develop a presentation, but getting the two of them together for 3 days would be incredible. The two make a great team. At times they finish each other's sentences and at other times give you different perspectives to let you decide what may best suit your needs to deliver your content in a compelling way. Without reservation, I recommend the workshop they've created.Allison KlugerLecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business President, Allison Kluger Media Consulting

A next-level
1-day workshop.
One amazing offer.

Realize the Result
April 26

Unity Conference Center
Kansas City, Missouri

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Wednesday April 26, 2023


Workshop session will be 9 am to 5 pm on 4/26.


Training Rooms 201 & 202
The picturesque Unity Conference Center in Kansas City Missouri
An easily accessible location where you can have absolute focus

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