Student Videos

Since 2010 I’ve been using the Stanford YouTube channel as way to share exceptional student work to a wider audience. All the videos you find here are the work of our GSB students who have agreed to have their work shared at no cost. I’ve curated two libraries (or playlists) which I hope you will enjoy!

Disrupting Disability

Make Body Language Your Superpower

LOWKeynote Library

LOWKeynotes provides students the opportunity to develop and practice a nine-minute ‘keynote-style’ presentation on an idea they believe is inline with the school’s mission – to change lives, organizations and the world (L.O.W).

Students have the chance to grapple with some of the challenges that leaders face as communicators, as well as what it takes to go from being a good presenter to an effective leader. They deliver their final presentation to an audience of their peers, faculty and staff.

GSB Communication Lessons Collection

GSB Communication Lessons Collection includes team presentations on a specific communication topic from the Strategic Communication course at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Students present topics to help others develop their own communication skills.