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What happens if you have high aspirations of how you can change the world, but your message fails to inspire people to act? Well, then nothing happens.

So many people possess big ideas to change the world, but they do not always make an impact. It’s a tragedy. It happens to the best of us. And it’s in our power to avoid it.

Using my gifts as a leadership communication coach, my experience as a professor, and my talent as a professional speaker I help people translate their aspirations into a story that inspires action.

If you’re an entrepreneur with an innovative new idea, a leader looking to inspire and focus your organization, or a public servant seeking to make a significant change, let’s work together to realize your potential. You have something to offer the world, and the time is now.

Organizations I’ve been privileged to help

What they have to say

Jill Minkus
For years we’ve benefitted from JD’s exceptional coaching for our grant recipients. He has an unparalleled ability to listen to a short pitch and help a nonprofit leader transform it into a clear, compelling story of value and impact. He balances rigor and relationship to bring out their best.Jill MinkusDirector of Grants, Battery Powered
Eileen L. DiFranco
For over a decade we have engaged JD to help prepare faculty leaders for presentations at our most strategic donor events. His ability to quickly establish trust with world-class physicians and scientists makes all the difference in the effectiveness of their message and delivery. He has played a huge part in the success of our event each year.Eileen L. DiFrancoDirector of Development Communications
Stanford Medicine

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Move your aspirational idea forward

Pitch coaching


Tell the difficult story that needs to be told

Presentation Coaching

Thought Leadership

Amplify your message to resonate with a wider audience

Leadership Coaching

Louis W. Gresham
JD has great instincts and insights. He has not only coached me effectively but several of my most accomplished physicians and researchers.Louis W. GreshamPartner, Gaming
March Capital

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